Realistic Another World

This is a page dedicated to my favorite game for the Famicom/NES hardware: Sunsoft's Gimmick!, a game that teeters on that "well-known cult classic" line nowadays. Gimmick is famous for it's incredible music, the harmonized result of Masashi Kageyama's fantastic compositions with the rich sound of the Sunsoft 5B expansion audio chip. Gimmick is a game that feels otherworldly and unique, with impressive and surprising AI that gives it a world that feels alive unlike any other on the Famicom (culminating in a final boss fight that scoffs in the face of other games where the bad guys can only mindlessly walk forward or launch projectiles from a distance). Gimmick is an absolute treasure of a game which, like many others of its kind, left absolutely no impact on the gaming world and was quickly forgotten until word spread of its remarkable qualities across the internet, causing it to become, over time, a highly-cherished classic of the late Famicom era amongst fans of Nintendo's original 8-bit machine.