This is a page dedicated to my favorite bands, artists, albums, and individual tracks. It's a work in progress right now so if you're here and wondering where everything is please check back later to read my thesis on why Daniel Lopatin is a genius and why an alternate universe where Tatu are actually gay probably accomplished world peace 20 years ago. Thanks.

This is an incredibly difficult page to write because my tastes in music are extremely varying but for the sake of "accessibility" I'm going to focus more on mainstream or pop-ish artists with a mix of some more eclectic and niche stuff here and there.

My Favorite Music

Top Albums

Below is a list of my favorite albums (in no particular order). Check them out sometimes if you get a chance.

Black Marble - A Different Arrangement

Favorite Track - Pretender

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The Killers - Hot Fuss

Favorite Track - Mr. Brightside

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Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster

Favorite Track - Monster

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Favorite Track - I AM A FUCKOKA RAVER

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Now,Now - Threads

Favorite Track - Lucie, Too

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Oneohtrix Point Never - Garden of Delete

Favorite Track - Animals

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Anamanaguchi - USA

Favorite Track - APOPHENIA LIGHT (Name Eaters)

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Abandoned Pools - Humanistic

Favorite Track - Sunny Day

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Ryu☆ - Starmine

Favorite Track - Dazzlin' Darlin'

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The Beatles - The White Album

Favorite Track - Rocky Raccoon

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Favorite Tracks