Other Miscellaneous ROM Hacks

This page is dedicated to other miscellaneous ROM hacks, arcade or otherwise, that aren't Pac-Man related. If you're looking for Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man hacks specifically please check out my Pac-Man Hacking Page. Thanks.

Arcade Hacks

"Fly Train" graphics for Scramble

Fly Train is a Japanese bootleg variation of Scramble produced by the Cosmos vending company. It's somewhat infamous in the circles that are aware of it and as of the writing of this page is currently undumped. Compared to regular Scramble it modifies the level layouts, changes the graphics and sound, and removes the UFO enemy entirely. It also alters all in-game text as well as the high score table, amongst other things.

This hack below is a handmade recreation of the Fly Train graphics for application to a regular Scramble romset. It does not alter the gameplay in any fashion and is strictly a graphics-only hack. It will not turn your copy of Scramble into a real Fly Train but it will dress it up like one, at least.

Download Here

Crazy Kong Part II Hard Kit

A port of the Donkey Kong Hard Kit romset from Mame to Crazy Kong Part II. Although it's not very noticeable on the first stage this hack greatly increases the difficulty in later stages by making the fireballs much more aggressive.

Download Here

Eyes on Pac-Man Hardware

It's Rockola's Eyes, playable on stock Pac-Man hardware. The files in this zipped folder are named to match the original Pac-Man eprom locations but the data is for Eyes. Replaces the row 5 and row 6 eproms (the 5E, 5F, 6E, 6F, 6H, and 6J eproms, nothing else needs changed). Fire your eye using the start button. This data was taken from one of the older late 90s Pac-Man multikits. Useful for converting spare Pac-Man boards into Eyes or converting entire machines into Eyes, if so desired.

This hack requires the Pac-Man board dip switch settings be adjusted as follows:

This will result in a 1 credit 5-life game with a extra life at 50,000 points.

Download Here

NES Hacks

Route-16 Turbo Fix

Route-16 Turbo is a Japan-only enhanced port of the Route-16 arcade game by Sunsoft. Released in 1985 it's a relatively early Famicom title and has a glaring oversight that makes the game impossible to complete past level 9. The game requires the player to collect a specific number of items to clear each level and the code for level 9 specifies one item too many making completion impossible and basically softlocking the game. How the hell nobody picked up on this during development is a mystery and apparently nobody on the dev team cared to test this game very well before release.

Twitter user @Karu_gamo details a fix in this thread. An existing patch for this same bug is available on RHDN and probably utilizes a similar, if not identical, method of fixing this bug. Since it's only a single byte fix I went ahead and made a small IPS patch file you can download below to apply this fix yourself in just a few clicks using Lunar IPS.

Download Here

Requires a ROM ("Route-16 Turbo (Japan).nes") with the following checksums:

CRC32: 114E118F

SHA1: 94a57b4d3d7033bacfa0ac9b0b0adaf03bdfd5ea

Gradius Hacks

This is placeholder text for an article about Gradius AC Death, etc.