Released in 1980 by Sigma Enterprises, Spiders is an oft-unheard of arcade title that was licensed for manufacturing to several local outlets across the US, meaning it pops up in all sorts of cabinet styles attributed to several different companies, like Venture-Line, Glak, and Elcon.

In the game itself players control an unnamed gun that's tasked with fending off an invasion of the titular arachnids who descend down from above as their eggs swell and hatch and their web spirals out and grows ever closer. If enough spiders reach the bottom of the screen (the exact number can be configured in the settings), they form the "spider belt" (represented by green blocks), and if the full belt is completed it's game over. Players can reduce the length of an existing partial spider belt by destroying the fast-flying "homing missile"-like enemy the Super Web, which is just as hard to hit as it is to dodge at times.

Every so often completed levels are rewarded with a full-screen image of a woman's face accompanied with an abrasive tune while she plays a basic animation- this animation actually varies based on how far the player gets in the game, and can range from a basic wink or two to her opening her mouth or snorting her nose. Her name is inconsistent across different promotional material (referring to her sometimes as "The Spider Queen", "Spider Princess", or "Space Mona-Lisa") but no matter her name she never stops being a jarring and strange accompaniment to this game about... well... spiders. The way her giant visage kinda unexpectedly pops in after completing a level always throws me off, and altho flyers and other sites online describe her as appearing "every three levels", it seems more random than anything after a point, considering she can also appear after every two levels or even after every level, multiple levels in a row, at least in emulation.