About the Webmaster

My name is Cam. I'm an artist and retro video game enthusiast. I collect and repair old game consoles and arcade boards. I'm a fan of anime and manga although I'm a little behind on the times when it comes to new and popular shows. I also like rhythm games, chiptune and trance music, amusement park haunted house rides, ghost stories, and 90s/y2k aesthetics.

My birthday is August 6th, 1996. I'm a Leo and I was born at 10:10 AM.

I was a member on Mario Fan Games Galaxy, Minus World, SMWCentral, VocaloidOtaku, and I'm sure a number of other sites I've forgotten about.

My first computer experience was playing CD-ROM and flash games on my mom's Windows Me PC in the early 2000s. People who know me personally know I have a tendency to spiral over how much I miss the 2000s and how the old internet felt much more "human" and genuine than the internet now.

I'm a child abuse victim and I apologize in advance for how frequently I tend to vent about past trauma throughout this site. If themes like this upset you it might be a good idea to close outta here. Sorry.

Other Miscellaneous Bits of Info

  • My favorite color is orange.
  • My favorite holiday is Halloween.
  • I love cats, pugs, owls, and hedgehogs.
  • I have a weird fondness for kokopelli and Native American art.
  • I love rain.
  • I have Asperger's Syndrome/ASD.

  • I'm the oldest of seven kids. I care a lot about children and children's media in America. I've said this a thousand times when discussing these things IRL, but we eat our young in this country. Kids are basically commodified and packaged up into the Consumer of Tomorrow. They're brainwashed and indoctrinated and set up onto a conveyor belt that'll carry them straight into a future where they think and behave exactly how men in suits want them to. Children require an immense amount of extremely articulate care, and they're not gonna get that when they're raised on the modern internet- a cesspit bubbling over with corporate and federal overreach, culture rot, and never-ending predation. Children must be protected at all costs from these constant threats and raised into tomorrow's heroes before they become just more cattle in the field waiting to be slaughtered. Don't let them take your kids, whether you have any or not.

    I hate politics but mine can be summed up pretty easily in a few sentences: I "strongly dislike" authority and I believe in the pursuit of freedom, truth, and justice by any means necessary (as long as these means do not invade, infringe, or harm the lives of innocent and unaffiliated parties). Bias and corruption are the enemies of justice. I don't care about right or left wing politics and I believe they exist solely to distract us from the real men behind the curtain. The media lies to you and exists solely to push whatever narrative continues to benefit those in power. I believe the ultimate goal for the rich and powerful is to keep the poor and starving distracted, divided, and hateful.

    You can find me on a number of other sites linked on the home page. I kinda really hate social media but that's where everybody else is so you can also find me on Twitter and Tumblr, etc.

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    I pray for your safe return.